While we support this supplemental, we cannot emphasize sufficiently that these crises were created by the Administration and we have much more to do to truly address the cruel and inhumane treatment of immigrant families by this Administration. We must do far more to address the humanitarian needs at the border and to end the inhumane enforcement practices taken by ICE and CBP.
President Trump's threat of sweeping raids against undocumented immigrants is designed to stoke fear and force families deeper into the shadows. The Trump Administration is doubling-down on dehumanizing and immoral mass deportation policies that make our communities less safe. These raids have one goal – to further traumatize vulnerable families.
The passage of the improved Taxpayer First Act is an important victory for working-class families across the nation who deserve quality, accessible and free options for painlessly filing their taxes. For far too long, powerful corporate special interests have cut deals that hurt taxpayers and benefit their bottom line. This legislation disrupts that corrupt system and creates real options for families to file their taxes for free.
After years of dedicated organizing across the country, the U.S. House of Representatives has taken long overdue action to protect 2.5 million immigrants who call this nation home. The passage of the American Dream and Promise Act – the most progressive immigration bill to ever pass Congress – is a powerful recognition of the millions of Dreamers and TPS and DED recipients who have built their lives here and are American in every way except on paper.