Workplace discrimination has no place in the United States. When 17 percent of LGBT workers and 26 percent of transgender Americans report being fired or not hired for a job due to their sexual orientation or gender identity, there's a serious problem that Congress needs to address.
"Calculating benefits for Social Security beneficiaries with chained CPI isn't a reform–it's a benefit cut. Americans oppose cutting Social Security or shutting down the government to deny millions of Americans health care. They won't be
We applaud the EPA for taking meaningful steps to reduce carbon pollution from power plants, the largest stationary source in the United States. Carbon pollution produces long-term changes in climate that can have catastrophic impacts on human health and
Less than twenty-four hours after voting to cut food assistance for 3.8 million Americans, Republicans passed a bill that makes it harder for working families to find work and get affordable health care. We do not think shutting down the government and de
H.R. 3102 cuts the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) by nearly $40 billion over 10 years. The bill, which passed on a 217-210 vote, leaves 3.8 million Americans without food assistance and allows states to cut off an entire family's foo