President Trump should heed the constitution and refrain from promoting regime change in another sovereign country. Additionally, it is clearer than ever that Congress must do its job to prevent this administration from engaging in illegal, ill-advised and open-ended wars.
We are pleased that leadership has decided to postpone floor consideration of a budget caps agreement until we can address some of the persistent and deep-seated concerns of progressives. The outcome today allows us to develop a stronger proposal that fulfills our promise to invest in communities and families.
Today, House Democrats took a big step to make our government more transparent, accessible, and representative of the people. For far too long, the power of the people has been drowned out by dark money and special interests. H.R. 1 restores access to the ballot box, takes on the corrosive influence of money in politics, and ensures that our elected officials serve their constituents, instead of themselves.
We are deeply concerned that the Trump Administration is considering an illegal and unconstitutional military intervention in Venezuela. It's concerning to us that the hawks in the Trump Administration – including John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, and Elliott Abrams – are threatening to embroil the United States in another ill-advised and poorly-considered war.