Our world is on the brink of disaster. Science tells us that we have only eleven years to avert an irreversible climate catastrophe. But in a moment that demands urgency and vision, the rich and powerful have offered neither.

As years have become decades of inaction, our planet and its inhabitants have suffered. Families are fleeing rising sea levels and weathering record heat waves and historic storms. Unprecedented droughts, crop failures, and dwindling water supplies have fueled conflicts around the world, destabilizing communities and driving displacement and violence. One million animal and plant species are in danger of extinction.

The climate crisis was created by a broken political and economic system that prioritizes corporate profits over the health and safety of our communities. If we are to address the full scope and scale of our global climate emergency, we need a new approach -- one that recognizes environmental justice and economic prosperity must go hand-in-hand.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus is committed to confronting this crisis with a bold vision that achieves zero emissions, creates millions of high-quality and sustainable union jobs, and centers frontline communities. Our climate action framework takes a comprehensive approach to implement ambitious goals to avert a worldwide climate crisis.

In this report, we have outlined the criteria that must be included in any serious congressional climate action.

REPORT: Progressive Principles and Recommendations on the Climate Crisis