There are in fact many alternatives out there worthy of attention–ideas that are more reasonable, more equitable and accomplished far more fiscally responsibly and in hold more promise for bettering people's lives than anything considered by...
For example, the Congressional Progressive Caucus crafted a "People's Budget," which eliminates the deficit within ten years while creating a $31 billion surplus–all while protecting valuable programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.
Schoenberg and Villers were among a group of about two dozen millionaires who held a news conference after attending a hearing on job creation chaired by Democratic Representative Raul Grijalva, head of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.
California venture capitalist Garrett Gruener, founder of, told left-leaning House members on the Progressive Caucus said he doesn't buy the argument that hiking the tax rates for the wealthy and forcing them to pay more in taxes would stymie
To be sure, there's no shortage of smart policy proposals to address the crises that beset us. As I've argued before, sane and humane policy solutions exist, such as those in the Congressional Progressive Caucus People's Budget.