Tracking the Biden Administration's Progress on the 2023 Executive Action Agenda

The Congressional Progressive Caucus issued its second Executive Action Agenda in March 2023. The agenda called for President Biden to build on his record of progress by taking administrative action in five areas: to hold corporations accountable, raise wages and empower workers, lower costs of essential expenses, continue action on climate and environmental justice, and advance equity and justice.

The agenda is designed to provide working families relief from the cost of living crisis, take on corporate misconduct, make progress on the fight for gender and racial justice, and continue to take bold action to address the climate crisis. It calls for executive actions, strong rulemaking, progressive implementation of signature Democratic accomplishments like the Inflation Reduction Act, and for federal agencies to enforce the law using all their tools to hold violators, including big employers, accountable.

The full agenda can be viewed here.

The Biden Administration has taken action to:

Hold Corporations Accountable

  • Hold airlines accountable for misconduct

  • Push federal banking agencies to pursue enhanced supervision of mid-sized banks

  • Prohibit use of CHIPS funding for stock buybacks

  • Reinstate net neutrality to ensure equal access to a free, open internet that is not rigged by service providers

Raise Wages and Empower Workers

Lower Costs of Essential Expenses

  • Ensure seniors’ health care access by taking on Medicare Advantage deceptive advertising and algorithms that block care

  • Cap the cost of child care for more than 100,000 low-income families at no more than seven percent of household income

Climate Action and Environmental Justice

  • EPA rulemaking to mandate coal and gas plants to dramatically cut carbon emissions
  • EPA rulemaking requiring tougher standards for coal plant emissions that will greatly reduce the amount of mercury, lead, arsenic, and nickel
  • EPA rulemaking to limit wastewater pollutants from coal plants
  • EPA rulemaking to enforce safer management of coal ash

Advance Equity and Justice