CPC Member Submission Form for The People’s Budget FY2020

The Congressional Progressive Caucus alternative budget is an opportunity to provide the American public with a progressive budget vision. We want your suggestions! Before filling out the form, please determine whether your idea has already been included in the most recent People’s Budget, which you can view on the CPC website.

Member Submissions:

  • Any member of the Progressive Caucus can submit a proposal to be included in the CPC People’s Budget. Deadline March 4th, 2019.
  • Two types of Budget Proposals your office can submit: Revenue and Spending submissions.
    • Revenue: Revenue proposals may include changes to individual and corporate income taxes, social insurance taxes, excise taxes, or tariffs and duties. In order to determine the budgetary impact of a particular policy that will be included in a Budget Resolution, we need a CBO or JCT score.
    • Spending: Rather than including levels of spending for specific agencies or programs, the budget resolution establishes congressional priorities by dividing spending among the 20 major categories of the federal budget, i.e. International Affairs, Energy or Health functions. The CPC budget includes programmatic priorities per each function area. Policy recommendations that include a correct legal program title and function code will have a better chance of being included in final CPC budget. Major spending proposals, i.e. if more than $1 billion must include a CBO or JCT score.
  • CPC Members should send their budget proposals to Keane Bhatt at cpcbudget@gmail.com DEADLINE: March 4th, 2019.