With Republicans in Washington continuing to risk default on the full faith and credit of the United States, the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) is urging an end to political posturing to avert this catastrophe. Yesterday the CPC adopted a resolution in support of H.R. 2663, The America Pays Its Bills Act offered by Rep. Welch. This bill calls for a clean debt ceiling vote “in order to end the Republican-created Default crisis.”

The CPC remains committed to finding a long-term solution to our deficit while protecting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. In the immediate future, it is imperative for Congress to do what is right to protect the economy and the livelihoods of millions of working Americans.

The resolution also calls for President Obama to use the 14thAmendment to raise the debt ceiling failing a “timely, satisfactory legislative agreement.”

The CPC hopes mature discussions about building a sustainable economy will continue after a default is prevented. In April, the CPC presented The People’s Budget, the most responsible budget proposal, which would eliminate the deficit in 10 years. The People’s Budget protects Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and creates a fairer tax system by ending tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans while extending breaks for the middle class.

Full text of the resolution is below.


Congressional Progressive Caucus

U.S. House of Representatives

Washington, DC 20515

July 27, 2011

Be it resolved that by recorded vote on July 27, 2011, the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) has agreed to endorse H.R. 2663, The America Pays Its Bills Act offered by Mr. Welch of Vermont. The bill calls for a clean debt ceiling vote in order to end the Republican-created Default crisis.

 Be it further resolved that failing a timely, satisfactory legislative agreement to end the Republican- created default crisis, the CPC urges the President to use his powers granted under section 4 of the 14thamendment to the United States Constitution in order to raise the ceiling.