For Immediate Release

Thursday, May 25, 2011


Adam Sarvana, Rep. Grijalva (202) 225- 5445

Jennifer Gore, Rep. Ellison (202) 225-4755

Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-Chairs RaúlM. Grijalva (AZ)and Keith Ellison (MN)released the following statement today after the Senate rejected the Republican plan to end Medicare as we know it:

“Today Democrats in the U.S. Senate stood with the American people and rejected  the Republican plan to end Medicare as we know it.  The Republican scheme to end Medicare and give nearly $1 trillion in handouts to millionaires and special interests not only harms America’s seniors, but threatens our economic future.  Medicare guarantees a healthy and secure retirement for Americans who have paid into it for their entire workinglives.  Protecting Medicare represents the basic values of fairness and respect for our seniors that all Americans cherish.

“We are committed to addressing the budget deficit by putting America’s working families first.  Siding with insurance industry lobbyists to raise Medicare costs puts seniors last.  Raising taxes for 95 percent of Americans to pay for a trillion dollarhandout for CEOs only hurts American families who are already struggling.  Spending $40 billion on giveaways to big oil drives up the price at the pump for middle class Americans.

“By contrast, the Congressional Progressive Caucus plan, the People’s Budget, strengthens Medicare and Social Security, invests in jobs, and eliminates the deficit by 2021, faster than any other plan on the table.  We will continue working with all Members of Congress to ensure that the voice of the American people is heard in Washington.”