WASHINGTON — Rep. Pramila Jayapal (WA-07), chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, issued the following statement on the enactment of the budget resolution:

“We are pleased to see the House Democratic Caucus come to a consensus on the need to pass the Build Back Better budget resolution without further delay. This transformative budget resolution is a win for the American people, putting us on the path toward enacting popular and urgent policy change for our communities, including universal child care, paid leave, aggressive climate action, Medicare expansion, affordable housing, and a roadmap to citizenship.

“Our position remains unchanged: we will work to first pass the Build Back Better reconciliation bill so we can deliver these once-in-a-generation, popular, and urgently needed investments to poor and working families, and then pass the infrastructure bill to invest in our roads, bridges, and waterways. As our members have made clear for three months, the two are integrally tied together, and we will only vote for the infrastructure bill after passing the reconciliation bill. We remain united with Congressional Leadership and President Biden in our mission to enact the entire Build Back Better agenda that voters put us in the majority to accomplish — and every elected Democrat should do the same. Congress must now move urgently to send both pieces of this package to the President’s desk for his signature so we can transform people’s lives and livelihoods.”