Washington, D.C. — Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-Chairs Mark Pocan (WI-02) and Pramila Jayapal (WA-07) released the following statement on the passing of CPC member and civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis:

“Our hearts are broken. John Lewis modeled public service, courage, and compassion every single day. The ‘Conscience of the Congress’, he was a guiding light at the Progressive Caucus.

“He’s known all around the world, rightfully, as a warrior for justice, equality, and peace. But he should also be remembered for his personal generosity and compassion as a mentor, friend, and beloved colleague.

“John Lewis taught us all how to stand up for things before they were popular or accepted. He taught us how to push the boundaries of what is seen as ‘possible’ so we could bring about what seemed impossible at one time. He taught us to be better public servants and foot soldiers for civil rights and justice. As we mourn his passing, we take solace in the fact that his contributions live on in a new generation of young people ready to take up his call for ‘good trouble’ and work to build a better world. 

“Our deepest condolences are with his family, loved ones, and the 5th District of Georgia. In his memory, we march onwards. Rest in power.”