CPC Endorsed Bills

Below is a list of of legislation that the Congressional Progressive Caucus has officially endorsed.

This bill, from Congressman Jimmy Gomez, imposes increased tax rates on decedent estates, gifts, and generation-skipping transfers.

Estates with a value of over $1 billion are taxed at a 77% tax rate. The basic exclusion amount is reduced to $3.5 million.

The bill increases (1) to $3 million the reduction in valuations of farmland for estate tax purposes and adjusts such increased amount for inflation, and (2) to $2 million the maximum estate tax exclusion for contributions of conservation easements.

The bill requires (1) consistent basis reporting for property acquired by gift and transfers in trust, and (2) executors of estates and donors of gifts required to file a gift tax return to disclose to the Department of the Treasury, and to recipients of any interest in an estate or a gift, information identifying the value of each interest received.

The bill sets forth estate valuation rules for certain transfers of nonbusiness assets and limits estate tax discounts for certain individuals with minority interests in a business acquired from a decedent.

The bill expands rules for valuing assets in grantor retained annuity trusts to require that (1) the right to receive fixed amounts from an annuity last for a term of not less than 10 years and not more than the life expectancy of the annuitant plus 10 years, and that such fixed amounts not decrease during the first 10 years of the annuity term, and (2) the remainder interest have a value when transferred that is not less than the the greater of 25% of the fair market value of the trust property or $500,000. The bill also sets forth rules for the application of transfer taxes to a grantor trust (a trust in which the grantor retains control over the trust assets and has the right to receive income from the trust).

The bill eliminates the generation-skipping transfer tax exemption for any trust whose termination date is not greater than 50 years after its creation.

The bill modifies the gift tax exclusion for annual gifts (currently, $14,000).