CPC Endorsed Bills

Below is a list of of legislation that the Congressional Progressive Caucus has officially endorsed.

The EV Freedom Act, introduced by Congressman Andy Levin, would:

  • Establish a comprehensive, nationwide network of high-speed EV chargers within 5 years;
  • Help secure the automotive and infrastructure jobs of the future and create thousands of good-paying jobs with robust Buy America and prevailing wage requirements to protect the hardworking Americans who will build an EV future;
  • Ensure the chargers built along the National Highway System keep up with new technology to achieve a simple goal—fully power up EVs in the time it takes to fill up gas and diesel tanks;
  • Promote interoperability so drivers don’t have to fear that chargers won’t be compatible with their cars; and
  • Prioritize accessibility by guaranteeing that payment methods are secure, convenient, and equal access, and that all charging stations are ADA compliant.

The EV Freedom Act directs the Secretary of Transportation and the Secretary of Energy to devise a plan to create the network of EV chargers, submit the plan to Congress and create the network of EV chargers within five years.