CPC Endorsed Bills

Below is a list of of legislation that the Congressional Progressive Caucus has officially endorsed.
Rep. Jayapal's Stop Corporate Capture Act would curb the undue power of corporations, prioritize the interests of the public, and clear a path for public participation in the administrative rulemaking process. Specifically, it: 
  1. Establishes Rulemaking Transparency: Requires a full disclosure of who is funding the scientific, economic, and technical studies submitted to agencies during the rulemaking process, mandate a public explanation for the withdrawal of rules, and require the public disclosure of any changes made to a regulatory proposal during the rulemaking process. 
  2. Eliminates Industry-Backed Delays to Rulemaking and Implementation: Limits judicial interference with public interest rules and accelerates the rulemaking review process. 
  3. Empowers the Public to Hold Agencies Accountable: Fines corporations that lie to the government about whether a public interest rule would cost their shareholders, establishes an Office of the Public Advocate in the Office of Government Ethics to serve as an advocate for public interests, creates a cause of action for citizens to sue corporations that violate the rules and agencies for failure to enforce the law, and requires the government to respond to citizen petitions.