Unfair trade deals like NAFTA have rewarded corporations that offshore jobs, driven down wages, and increased unemployment and underemployment. For decades, the American people -- and workers around the world -- have been sold a rotten deal where giant multinational corporations pit workers against each other in a race to the bottom, destroy our environment and erode hard-won workplace protections in the process.

Working families can and should expect more from our trade deals. That’s why the Progressive Caucus released a first-of-its-kind progressive trade framework, which details a new trade paradigm with robust binding labor and environmental standards, an open and democratic process for renegotiating; an end to the secretive, investor-friendly tribunal system that gives big corporations special rights; an expansion of Buy American procurement provisions; support for communities of color disproportionately harmed by NAFTA; and an end to corporate handouts that promote monopoly power.We recognize that trade is essential to our global economy -- but the old model is broken. It’s time for a new model of trade deals -- one that’s fair, sustainable, and empowers workers and communities.

Read more about the CPC Fair Trade Agenda here.

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