Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) voted unanimously today to endorse a declaration in support of a constitutional amendment to reverse the Supreme Court’s recent Citizens United v. FEC decision.

The CPC, which includes 78 members, is the first Congressional caucus to officially declare support for a constitutional amendment. President Obama, two state legislatures, 1,000 elected officials, more than 150 cities and towns have already expressed support for repealing Citizens United.

“The influence of money in politics is the single biggest threat to our democracy,” said Rep. Keith Ellison, Co-Chair of the CPC. “In this election cycle alone, Super PACs have raised almost $160 million and spent close to $90 million. And we still have six months until the election. Corporations are not people. And in America, democracy should never, ever be for sale.”

“This isn’t just about elections – it’s about the principle that America is run by the people, not just the rich and powerful,” said CPC Co-Chair Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva. “Giving corporations the authority to buy elections is a step we’ll regret for decades to come, and I join the American people in saying it’s time we stopped this power grab.”

The text of the declaration is included below:

“We declare our support for amending the Constitution of the United States to restore the rights of the American people, undermined by Citizens United and related cases, to protect the integrity of our elections and limit the corrosive influence of money in our democratic process.”