WASHINGTON — Representative Pramila Jayapal (WA-07), chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, issued the following statement applauding President Biden’s new executive order invoking the Defense Production Act to increase the production and deployment of renewable energy, including accelerating decarbonization by spurring domestic manufacturing in solar panel parts, building insulation, heat pumps, fuel cells, and power grid infrastructure like transformers:

“We applaud President Biden for taking a critically necessary step by embracing his administrative authorities and invoking the Defense Production Act, ensuring Americans have a reliable supply of electricity in the face of supply chain stocks and rising global fuel prices, while addressing the national security concerns that climate change poses. This action is a key component of our Progressive Caucus Executive Action Agenda to mobilize domestic industry to manufacture affordable renewable energy. Crucially, it will also allow us to export green, cutting edge manufacturing to reduce emissions abroad, while decreasing our reliance on foreign oil and autocratic human rights abusers, like Russia and Saudi Arabia, that produce it.

“We’re particularly gratified to see the President’s plan to pursue the DPA implementation with a justice-oriented mindset, working toward strong labor protections, union membership, and high wages for the new jobs created. In particular, the administration has met a key goal of progressives in Congress and the environmental justice movement to prioritize communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis and have been devastated by pollution.

“The President’s leadership cannot substitute for lack of Congressional action. There is simply no way to meet the President’s climate goals with executive action alone. As the people’s representatives, we have a moral and governing obligation to fight the climate crisis and pass legislation that will facilitate our transition away from fossil fuels and support frontline communities. The House has already passed a broad set of climate investments in a reconciliation bill, and there is broad agreement among Democrats in both chambers on using reconciliation to make these investments. We will continue to push to make that bill law.”