CPC Endorsed Bills

Below is a list of of legislation that the Congressional Progressive Caucus has officially endorsed.

Rep. Blumenauer's Climate RESILIENCE Act is a comprehensive reform bill to improve the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) disaster mitigation and response. 

As climate disasters continue to be more frequent, more intense, and more devastating, we must act to improve our nation’s preparedness and response. 

The Climate RESILIENCE Act will: 

  • Improve the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) disaster definition to include extreme temperature events, like heat waves and freezes; 
  • Improve FEMA's definitions and cost share eligibility requirements for disadvantaged communities and underserved communities; 
  • Enhance the hazard mitigation planning process to better integrate states’, tribes’, and territories’ hazard mitigation planning into other mitigation planning processes, also includes a focus on resiliency planning and investments; 
  • Provide both financial and non-financial technical assistance for hazard mitigation planning, as well as for grant applications for small impoverished and disadvantaged communities; 
  • Expand the list of eligible activities funded under FEMA's pre-disaster and post- disaster mitigation programs, including improving hazard resistance of structures, enhancing natural infrastructure, and working with community organizations to improve planning; and 
  • Expand Pre-Disaster Mitigation Assistance funding to address FEMA’s oversubscription issues.